About Jill

I am a registered social worker and registered psychotherapist trained to provide therapy and psychotherapy to professionals. I also have a degree in law (Juris Doctorate). I previously practiced law as a civil litigator (personal injury – defense) at Bennett Jones. I am admitted to the bar in Alberta and Ontario.

I married a classmate from law school. We have 2 sons. I have first-hand knowledge and experience of the challenges of home, family and work life. My own life path has taken me from ambitious young lawyer in private practice to corporate bio-tech start-up to full-time family support to assisting other professionals in need of assistance.

In 2006, I joined the Ontario Lawyers’ Assistance Program (OLAP) and worked as a staff counsellor and case manager. While at OLAP I assisted lawyers in crisis with issues relating to career stress, transition, anxiety, depression, addiction, self-esteem and licensing issues. I co-founded and co-facilitated the co-educational Lawyers’ Group (a forum for confidential discussion of issues amongst peers) and designed, implemented and facilitated a group for women lawyers (a forum for confidential discussion of challenges uniquely faced by women in the profession).

In order to better assist on a wider range of issues, I completed a Master of Social Work degree while working at OLAP and trained to be a therapist. My Master of Social Work studies included an internship in Eating Disorders at a world class Toronto hospital (a disability affecting a surprising number of lawyers, deriving from adolescence and which intensifies in times of stress).

My education and experience has uniquely equipped me to view challenges facing professionals through the dual lens of lawyer and therapist.